Saturday, September 17, 2011


It's amazing, really, what can come from a simple dream.

I recently dreamt something very simple: there was a box. It was made of bulletproof glass and high strength steel, and it had a door on one side. There was a girl there; she either lived inside it or wanted to. This is where the dream turned, though, because as my mind wove the scene together, the girl was suddenly pushed out of the box screaming.

The hook of the scene is that whatever is outside the box is dangerous. Hence the screaming girl.

Anyway I decided to write something along the lines of the dream the next day. In about an hour, I had the rough shape done. Over the next few days I perfected it, and today I just read part of it for the Huckins Writers' Guild in Boise. The feedback I got was quite good, with one person telling me that the story sounds "mythical," a connotation that I find very desirable as a writer of stories.

So, coming soon, I'll be releasing my first digital short: Strongbox. It'll be free. And I'm pretty sure you'll like it.