Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Calling All Bloggers!

C.P. White Media is looking for guest bloggers for November! That's right, folks, don't miss this opportunity to pump up your eBook, promote your epistle, eNosh your novel, fortify your fiction, pimp your parchment, and biggify your blog. Okay I promise I'll never do that again.

Anyway, what better time of year than NaNoWriMo to join in the craziness and promo your work?! Seriously! Jump in while there are slots left, people. Don't miss out. We're already booking, and it's going fast.

Submission guidelines are easy:

  • 500-1000 words
  • Topic must be writerly
  • And of course, C.P. White Media, Limited Company reserves the right to reject submissions if they're not a good fit.
Now get tapping and apply by responding to this blog post or by messaging us on Twitter. Happy writing!