Friday, March 2, 2012


Megalomaniacs are all the same. They all share certain vanities.

Hitler, for instance, never considered any views but his own. Everyone else’s opinion and analysis was invalid. Unfathomably and against all evidence, he regarded his Fascist ally Mussolini as a staunch and resolute warrior. But the Italian Duce proved to be a slimy opportunist, moving in on the French only after the Nazis had defeated them, attempting to grab a slice of the pie for Italy. And Hitler, among his many other faults, did not understand why Britain and America would never buy his lies and sue for peace with him, not ever, no matter what, no matter the cost, and no matter who tried to convince him otherwise. As a result, when the Third Reich was utterly annihilated by the Allies, the Fuhrer probably also failed to see clearly how ironic it was that his Nietzschean political philosophy (the survival of the fittest) if it were true, singled out Germany as utterly unfit in the end. How bitter a pill, to have wagered so much on a base lie, and to lose all in the end. How sad it must have been to have believed it and found it, finally at the depths, to be false.

It’s interesting, too, how the power-mad man lies in turn, and so smoothly. This interest becomes dark and perverse when one thinks about how those lies are taken at face value by so many. The Germans were no doubt shocked, for instance, when Goebbels’ propaganda machine was disrobed by the cold truth of British bombs falling over Berlin—over Berlin!—impossible!—in 1941. When this was going on, and Nazi diplomatic relations with Soviet Russia were beginning to sour as well, Hitler still insisted that he had only to tighten the noose around the pesky Brits; they were finished, that they only had to acknowledge the fact. Molotov, the Soviet ambassador to the Third Reich and in conference with the Fuhrer, was purported to have rejoined Hitler in this moment, “Then why do we sit in this bomb shelter, and whose bombs are these which shake the very ground?”

Dictators and tyrants are always ridiculously out of touch with reality. This is how we know them, and—one would hope to high heaven—root them out and defang them. This is how we might remove them from power. Hindsight is always quite bitter. I’m sure there were many Germans who wished in 1943 and 1944, when their cities were being firebombed by Allied sorties, that they would have resisted the Nazi warlord. After all, Hitler was just a man. Demoniacal yes, but still just a man. A man who should have and could have been resisted, had anyone had half a spine.

It is the same with murderous pirate plunderers like Obama, theocrats like Ahmadinejad. They speak words skillfully wrought by handlers, maybe even by themselves, with sweet tasting lies interwoven throughout. Obama talks about “fairness” for the middle class. Anyone with any sense knows that he is driving a wedge between the producers and those on the dole in this country, attempting to provoke anger, stoking hatred, cultivating division. He’s not bringing unity. Leftists like Obama always do the opposite of what they say they’re doing. He speaks of “reproductive rights” for women (a tortured and doltish line of newspeak logic to be sure), all while endorsing the killing of newborns. On this position he has never even attempted to double back. As for Ahmadinejad, he protests, a little too much to be really believable, that he seeks nuclear power only for peaceful purposes. Never mind that in the theocracy of which he is one of the horns of power women are debased, swept aside, muzzled, relegated to subhuman status. There is nothing to see here. “Peace, peace,” the warlord hisses like a prostitute, bloodlust trickling from the corner of his mouth as he plots and schemes. With guarantees and promises from men like this, one cannot help but be mindful of Chamberlain shaking hands with Hitler at Munich, smiling broadly at the Nazi warlord as the doom of Czechoslovakia was arbitrarily sealed, and by well-meaning backstabbing traitorous appeasers with no understanding of consequence.

After so many of Obama’s promises, for instance, to balance the budget (when none has yet been produced for three years), to provide “choice” in healthcare coverage (while actually destroying both choice and healthcare in America), to strengthen our position in the world (while playing the sniveling role of a coward and bowing to evil men across the globe), and to bring us “hope and change” (if that’s what we’re supposed to call the second Great Depression), why would anyone believe a single word he speaks? Still, fools persist in their folly, and propagandists use the tools that come scurrying to the sound of their music.

The same kinds of tools and fools reside at the top of the political world order right now; they staff the IMF, the UN, the IAEA, they trade and barter in the lobbies of Washington D.C., and they rub elbows with bigger and more selfish idiots like Al Gore, Gordon Brown, Vladimir Putin, that other totally discredited jackass global warmist from the University of East Anglia, and Jimmy Carter—and the scent of inevitable doom is becoming overpowering. These are the precise political conditions that led, if one studies history, to the worst cataclysms in the history of the world, those two Great Wars of the Twentieth Century. We’re told Iran is not seeking a nuclear weapon. Really? When so very like Adolf Hitler in his published manifesto Mein Kampf, Ahmadinejad has already told us in his own words that his chief desire is to wipe Israel off the map, that he believes the Nazi-induced Jewish holocaust is a hoax, and also that, oh yeah, he only wants nuclear power for peaceful purposes? If you wish to believe that, go right ahead, fool. Our enemies have told us what they plan to do because they cannot help but megalomaniacally brag and boast; it’s who they are. But I am on my knees calling upon my God to intervene because He is all I have left. I’m surrounded by the na├»ve, the foolish, the simpleton, the party line voter, those do not know history, and my government no longer even cares to represent me; only to bribe me with backward redistributionist Keynesian centrally planned stupidity.

But really now, what do we have to fear from madmen? You may justifiably ask this question. I will entertain it: not much. Most of the damage a madman can do is limited to himself—that is, until he achieves real power, and that’s the wrinkle. It was the same with Hitler in the bierhall putsch of 1923 (his attempted violent overthrow of the Weimar republican government), which was an embarrassment even to his enemies for how badly it came off. But madmen too can learn from mistakes, provided their drive for power is strong enough. Hitler was not to be feared until he had weaseled his way into the Wilhelmstrasse and the Chancellery. Then he was fearsome for his people to behold, then a nightmare for the entire globe to look upon, as evidenced by history. I wonder at the madness of Ahmadinejad as well, at least right now. Would he really go so far as to undermine the very lifeblood of his power—vast amounts of first world wealth pumped into Iranian treasuries in trade for OPEC oil—by threatening nuclear war in the Middle East? Surely he doesn’t think he could bring the West to her knees with the one facecard (oil) he now holds—and surely he doesn’t think he will be allowed to acquire another (nuclear capability)—unless the keeper of the flame of liberty is herself snuffed by evil men on the inside like Obama. But that’s the thing about madmen. They’re absolutely insane. And they will do anything to quench their lusts.

These three men have other commonalities frightful to behold. They are always on the offensive in some way. Hitler was quick to strike first. That was one promise he continually made that could be counted on. So too Ahmadinejad wishes to provoke, to instigate, and he proves as much with his hateful mouth. Obama is not to be left out either, going on the offensive in ivory tower fashion, waging a carefully calculated war of executive order and caustic rhetoric on states’ rights, the US Constitution and most of its amendments, traditional American values and faith, our right to keep and bear arms, even on our children, both born and unborn. It was clear who he was and who he would be when he declared shortly after inauguration, “America is not a Christian nation.” I shudder even now. That is who he was, who he is, who he will remain to be. There is no hope for unrepentant men! What, you thought otherwise? This he does and more, all in the name of fairness too, in the name of equality, the dead-horse liberal punching bag of good intentions mixed in a witches’ brew with guilt aplenty. Not Obama’s, naturally—ours. Of course. This barnacle upon the hull of the ship of state will whine at us that he needs yet one more term to battle in the abatement of some trumped up crisis, you watch. But scrape him off, America, and discard him. It has been and will be a continuous crisis, one created by the very people who protest, again a little too loudly that no, they are the ones who are trying with all their might to lead us out of it, to peace. “Peace, peace,” the totalitarian whispers. And history replays itself, tiringly, yet again. Need I remind you that Congress has yet to pass a budget in three years? It’s telling, I say. I reached my fill of it years ago, and I have no more tolerance for totalitarian intolerance disguised, perversely, as tolerance, and loudly self-trumpeted, purportedly beneficent and allegedly magnanimous at that. Test the fruit of this man and tell me the label thereon affixed does match.

Authoritarians are all the same. Their traits are to be studied and identified so that these monsters can be exposed and rooted out. They cannot be changed. They can rarely even be stopped. Look at history. The two World Wars of the Twentieth Century, especially the first one, then known as The Great War for its utterly unprecedented scale and barbarity, were preventable. If not for the great weakness human civilization has had at times to place its most stupefyingly evil simpletons at the switchboard of society, the world might indeed be a better place. If only We the People would but realize our power. Wake up. Think. Reason. Wage war not against your brother who lives and works and dreams under the same storied colors. Wake up from your slumber, America, as your fathers did on December 7th, 1941, to defend liberty. Wake up as you did in 1776. Awaken in the realm of thought, of the mind, to wage war where it really counts. Awaken to wrestle and contend with the evil now surrounding. Charge unafraid at the darkness with the light of righteousness in hand. Resolve to change the heart, the mind, and pray for the God of the universe to intervene for us. America, realize the enormity of your mistake in placing a megalomaniacal tyrant like Obama into office and turn from this wickedness. There’s no talking sense to utter fools like Obama, Hitler, and Ahmadinejad. Their lot is hopeless, evil, unrepentant. All that remains, having won the battle for reason, is to remove them before it’s too late. Rise up, America.

Rise. Up.