Thursday, February 23, 2012

Free Book Promo #2!

Howdy there, folks. You should be extremely excited to be reading this, because I am so completely nuts as to give away yet another book. This one is called Amethyst, and it's my personal fave. Yep. I said it. Out of all the stories I've written, this is the one I personally regard as my best. It shows where I'm going as a writer, so if you like it, you'll be wanting to bookmark me everywhere.

Here's the lowdown on Amethyst:

Rosewood, Florida was a peaceful little town just off the Gulf coast until January 1st, 1923. Then Frannie Taylor claimed she'd been attacked, and for six days it became a black and white war zone. Five were murdered in the purge. Sam Cooper was tortured and then shot. For what? Whatever dark motivation that was behind the massacre remains forty years later, and a simple blind man, Mario Laforest, is right in the middle of it. He's a criminal inmate at the Rosewood Sanitarium. But is he really so insane just because he refuses to speak the word "Amethyst?"

This one is free today and tomorrow. Be sure to tell everyone in your circles/your friends list/your twirp followers, etc. They will thank you. You can be sure of it.

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