Saturday, February 25, 2012

Book Promo #3!

Lately I've been trying to set great wheels in motion. In order to do that one must use leverage. The lever Amazon has given us is the free book promotion. It's what makes eBooks the vastly better part of awesome, because I can afford to give away free downloads of my books in exchange for a little exposure, without having to pay for scads and scads of paper. Mikey likey.

So this weekend, you have the opportunity to download a novella that's equal parts literary fiction and paranormal thriller. Find out the backstory on the backstory. Why was William Marsburg in Germany at the end of Airel? What was the deal with that book of Kreios thing? And how did it end up in Germany? And who the hell is Harv and why does he live on Dr. Pepper and cigarettes? Find a few answers and lots more questions in your free copy of The Marsburg Diary this weekend. Be sure to tell all your friends... this one won't be free for long.

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