Monday, February 27, 2012

Free Book Promo #4!

Hey there, folks. Turns out giving is better than receiving. Over the weekend I gave away more than 5,000 copies of The Marsburg Diary, based on a vignette that appears in Airel. Do you know what it’s like to have your work appear in front of more than 5,000 people in a single weekend? I’ll tell you what it’s like. IT’S SO FREAKING FLUFFY, that’s what it’s like.

Anyway, in conjunction with my guest post on Shah Wharton’s blog, I’m offering you a second chance on another book, and it’s today only: K [phantasmagoria] is a thriller that pulls no punches and is designed to challenge, frighten, and cause the reader to think. The timid need not apply here.

Again, the synopsis:

How far is too far? If a man is pushed past breaking and all bets are off, what are the rules then? K is a man severely damaged by life, by circumstance, by a past he can’t remember and probably by the meds his government-mandated psychiatrist has him on. He struggles violently, trying to make sense of his bipolar hatred for God, for people, for all the stupid assumptions, for himself. Is he going crazy? He sees the most horrific visions, a phantasmagoria that is slowly wrecking him. Day and night. And it can only be explained by the idea of precognition…until even science fails…and whatever barrier there is between this world and the next is destroyed by the unexplainable. This is a chilling and sinister story packed with lies. Some of them may be true...

And again, K is free today only. This is the last time for a while, so get it while you can, peeps. 

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